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Originality process

  1. Design can really change your life

    Originality process

    Create the most spiritual space with minimalist lines
    Design to the point heavy, the line, the surface agile use, the whole environment builds the warmth of the home
    From quality material to light luxury life
    The process is a fifty-four cycle
    This is a slow decay process
    Because of its slowness, it is clever
    Ji hao is not only the luxury but also the creation

    Delicate and careful
    The craftsman's heart, with absolute calm and care, pays attention to every detail of life,
    Feel the heart of the work, the most subtle differences and flaws of the works.
    Create the most spiritual space with very simple lines
    The perfect presentation of jinhao brand is inseparable from the craftsmanship and the exacting of perfection.
    Walking through mountains and rivers, only for the perfect pilgrimage.
    Design comes from life, detail achievement of auspicious quality.

    Perfect integration of design and process
    "A person's life, focus on doing something, at least worthy of the time."
    the craftsmanship of the craftsman is the obsession in their hearts, which drives their willingness to devote their lives to doing one thing.
    Gihao day after day, 19 years of focus is more so.
    Exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite craftsmanship.
    Ji hao: I'm a craftsman.
    I'm glad I was early,
    I found what I wanted to do with my life.

    JiHao, in addition to have the light of luxury culture unique understanding and precipitation in the art design style is formed by
    to manually perseverance, also became an integral part of eighteen years JiHao
    from material selection to carving, polishing to inlay, JiHao craftsman still believe traditional manual for their significance.
    is exquisite, with the heart of the hand, with the hand temperature of hand craft to present the understanding and presentation of the jhao brand to light luxury and beauty.
    Normal, a life attitude I'm a craftsman - ji hao
    I have an attitude of life
    This is my normal
    The usual tribute to the lighting craftsman

    72masterwork72A change, Pure hand refinement makes perfect quality.
    The craftsmanship of copper, a lamp lifetime,
    Let the copper shine a precious light.

    Five thousand years of historical and ancient law
    The casting of sand casting is made of clay, which is a time-honored process method,
    About 5,000 years of history, China has entered the heyday of the bronze castings between about 1700 BC and 1000 BC.
    The process has reached a fairly high level and is the most widely used process.
    When "sand casting", the lower half type is placed on the plate, the sand box is solid and flat, the lower type is
    When finished, turn the early good sand into 180 degrees, put the upper half shape, sprinkle the parting agent, put the sandbox, fill the sand and tighten the sand, and turn the upper sand box 180 degrees,
    The upper and lower halves are taken out respectively, and the upper type is reversed 180 degrees and the lower type is well, the sand type is finished, and waits for pouring. The process is commonly known as "turning the sand".

    6Hand finish
    Our polishing is coarse and fine, and the roughing is to affect the polishing process after the welding
    And the processing safety and the special increase of a process, the majority of factories in the market are not intentionally added such a process.
    The fine throw is that you have to use six processes on the grinding wheel and then the flax and the wheel.

    800High temperature forging
    Forging is forging, which is a kind of pressure on metal toppings using forging press, so that it can produce plastic deformation to obtain certain mechanical properties,
    A certain shape and size forging process. The customer requested material forging to remove defects such as loose cast in the process of metal treatment through forging,
    Optimize the microstructure, and obtain the complete metal streamline, so that the machining tools have better mechanical properties.

    Melting process wax
    Dewaxing forging originated in China, xing and the west. China's waxing law originated in the spring and autumn period, and was introduced into the mainland via Taiwan after the reform and opening up.
    The waxing method refers to the wax model of the castings, such as waxes (beeswax) and animal oil (butter)
    Pour over the wax mould surface with fine mud, make the surface of the wax mould form a layer of mud shell, then apply refractory material to the surface of the clay shell, and then harden it.
    Final reoccupy high-temperature baking the mould, make the wax is not resistant to high temperature melt flow casting, thus forming the empty cavity
    and the cavity is high temperature state, to mold molten casting copper, after cooling solidification extractor. The lost wax method is also known as melting mode. Such a system has no fan mark, smooth and delicate.

    (specially designed for the proportion of copper in our copper pipe, as long as there is a scar printing on the site of brazing welding, the process is argon arc welding.)

    Seamless spinning

    The spinning pressure is used to fix the slab or hollow blast in the mould of the spinning machine, and in the same time as the spindle of the machine is rotating with the spindle of the machine, the spinning wheel or the rod can be pressed and cast to produce a local plastic deformation.
    in wheel feed movement and the rotation of the embryo of movement, make the local plastic deformation gradually extended to the surface of the embryo of all, and close to the mold, the spinning processing of finished parts.
    The spinning pressure is a special kind of forming method. The spinning method can complete the process of drawing, turning, shrinking, expanding and winding.
    Generally used to process the thickness of the copper parts required to make it more layered.

    Lead bend

    Our tube products processing basically is to use fill lead. First, the lead is heated to melt into the copper tube. After the lead is cooled,
    Rebending and eventually heating the lead out. It is used in the market basically is the irrigation method, and the irrigation lead bending system can make the bending bend not uneven.

    30%Silver content silver electrode

    Using good silver solder (easy to polish, silver content must reach 30%) and custom copper electrode

    Multiple hand grinding

    After welding, the grinding machine is used, sanding machine and sanding machine are polished in sequence and various kinds of hand mill are used.
    The small position that can be polished, the detail part USES the file to deal with the dead Angle, then use specially procured sandblasting machine, undertake reprocessing, make the place that the lamp body does not deal with also can more beautiful.

    Dyeing process

    · Place copper pieces in an ultrasonic cleaning pool for surface treatment
    · To remove oil from oil cylinder; Then go into the water tank to soak and wash
    · Staining in the dye pond
    · The surface treatment is treated with BN
    · Rub the color of the surface of the copper piece.
    · The staining must pass through the above five processes

    Bake at 150 degrees

    The product surface stain dry with paper towel, then air drying
    after entering the 150 ° KaoHuoLu, constant temperature 20 minutes again
    to take out the product into the brush brush color color table manually.

    The manual brush color

    ·Use BO cotton for polishing
    ·Ensure the color of the product surface is consistent, no fine lines, scratches and then sent into the dust workshop to seal the oil.

    Bake at 140 degrees

    When the copper parts enter into the fuel injection house, the imported advanced varnish is used to spray oil seal paint to ensure that the copper parts are difficult to oxidize and black in the natural state.
    Copper color need to use the 140 ° high temperature bake for about 30 minutes, constant temperature 20 minutes later turn off the oven. Sir Need black 80 ° bake for 40 minutes, constant temperature 20 minutes turn off the oven.


Select material

  1. Focus on the present, the passage of time.

    How clear the heart is, the picture is beautiful.

    World gifts and our abundant resources
    Whether it's copper or jade
    Giving to the world with a thankful heart is light and warm Only time and nature
    Select quality material
    Present perfect life
    Not just focus, but also dedication
    Djihowe is more than just luxury

    copper,Is one of the most useful and valuable natural resources in the world
    is the gift of nature to human great "han · law through volunteers"
    "pure copper by material, parts of dry wet years the festival, the rain or exposure to change its shape." The characteristics of copper have long been known to humans.
    Ancient China was originally used in the use of natural copper, which was used in the early days of the shang dynasty to make bronze tin alloys.
    Hong lian bronze process is relatively complex, first choose the good ore in smelting, then put inside furnace, burning charcoal smelting, such as temperature, mature in refined copper liquid
    to refuse to LianZha, a quick beginning at the beginning of copper, copper is still fairly thick, then through extraction to get pure copper. Red copper plus tin, lead molten alloy, instant bronze.
    To one thousand, the persistence of copper, plastic, conductive and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent alloy and antibacterial characteristics make it with the other metal metal irreplaceable quality and yi yi is unripe brightness.
    Copper products are noble symbols and have the collection value, which is not comparable to the ordinary lamps.
    Ji hao's selection of copper materials for the Tibet yulong quality deposit.
    According to the proportion of international composition, molten copper casting is good in fluidity, plastic, and free of impurities and bubbles.

    Jingdezhen guanyao ceramics

    The utensils made of clay are called pottery, and porcelain is made from porcelain clay. Ceramics are pottery and stoneware
    And porcelain. All kinds of clay made of clay and clay are made from different types of clay, such as ingredients, molding, drying and roasting.
    The ceramics used by djihao are selected from the finest jingdezhen ceramics, which has a long history and belongs to the official kiln level of the southern period.
    The four characteristics of jingdezhen porcelain: white as jade, bright as mirror, thin as paper, sound like a stone.

    Brazilian natural jade in South America
    The world's best natural jade comes from Europe, South America, the Middle East (Pakistan, Iran, etc.), southern Asia, etc.
    JiHao USES a jade is not only in South America, and Brazil is one of the world's treasure jade Shi Daguo
    it has advantage of gemstone for diamond, bertrandite, andalusite, aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, blue pillars, pyroxene, crystal, etc.

    Austrian crystal
    Imported crystal from Austria, the crystal beads of the water are good, in the light of the seven color, cut even sharp, the size is very uniform, the diamond Angle is clear;
    The Czech pearl luster is still, has the lustre, the cut is sharper, the size is uniform, the diamond Angle is more distinct;
    The domestic crystal pendant size is uneven, the luster is general, the texture is inferior to the above two kinds.

    K9 crystal
    The advanced artificial crystal is K9 crystal, mainly used in optical coating and other fields.
    Transmittance, refractive effect, hardness and texture are much higher than resin.

    Taiwan craft glass
    Djihau lamp accessories are made of traditional hand-blown glass. Glass blowing is an ancient and expensive glass forming technique.
    about 2, 000 years ago, the craftsmen in Syria invented the glassblowing technique.
    to 1000 b.c., the ancient egyptians mastered the process of blowing glass to make glass products of all shapes and sizes. After
    , the Romans learned all kinds of methods and conquered the world and spread it throughout Western Europe.
    Jinhao glass features: the glass products used by djihao are from Taiwan, with high gloss, good transmittance, low air bubbles and no water lines.
    Note: crystal glass cannot be blown.

    Pure hand cloth
    Cloth art lamp shade or cloth cover, it is made by cloth art material material, cover on bulb of a transparent or translucent cover.
    it is usually used to adjust the brightness of the lighting line, to meet the needs of production or operation, and to protect the eyes, while also improving the overall aesthetic and objectivity of the lamp.
    Jihao selection of quality cloth art, pure hand-built fine cloth art lamp shade.
    Jihao winding cloth art lamp cover: short for the drawing, it is made of thin wire wound lamp stand.
    for beautiful, the general lampshade will post a layer of PS film, the pull mask is pure manual winding, perfectly reflect the beauty of product products.

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