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All-copper product new American

Modern American style is the product of the trend of The Times, the color is relatively traditional, the American style is more abundant, the younger, the lighting choice is more inclusive. It pursues luxuriant, elegant classical style, bedroom colour advocate is white.
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New Nordic LED homes

New Nordic style (Nordic style) in northern Europe, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland in countries such as the art of design style (mainly refers to the interior design and industrial product design), has the characteristics of simple, natural, human nature.
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Whole copper product new Chinese

The new Chinese style has the interpretation of traditional Chinese style cultural significance in the current era, which is a contemporary design on the basis of the full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture. The new Chinese style is the essence of inheriting the traditional Chinese style, and the innovation generated by the dialogue with the modern tide. New Chinese style in the design for the Ming and qing dynasties deserve to act the role of ideas, refine and simplify the classic elements and rich, in the form of more concise and comely, and broke the traditional Chinese style space layout of the mid-range, approaches, such as culture, space also more relaxed and natural color.
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Wrought iron lamp

Want a thorough understanding of contemporary broad cast iron art world, and full of profusion, wrought iron products, let us first review of the development of it carefully, not to boast that once brilliant, just want to bring us some enlightenment about the future development direction. It is also the best interpretation of the famous quote from Antoni Gaudi that "creation is about the return of nature".
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Act the role ofing is tasted furniture

"Less is More" is the brand design concept. To Jane, The two themes of "zen tranquility" and "urban modernity" are derived. The lifestyle of "Living in Balance" is advocated by gihao, which aims to abandon the multifarious, Create simple, halcyon texture household space, To make the customer aware of the rich, empty spirit of simplicity, Living in a quiet, pleasant and energetic balance.
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